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Dr. Brianna is amazing! She is well versed in her craft, listened to exactly what I was feeling and walked me through every step of the process of how the body can naturally heal itself when systems are properly aligned. If you struggle with pain, and don’t want to shift bones around, Dr. Brianna is the best!

-Jeff W

I have to get it out of my mind that I am at a Chiropractic office when I come to see Dr. Brianna.  I was so used to the twisting, cracking and popping, which didn't provide any long term relief for me.  I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but after only a couple of weeks of care, my body started feeling more amazing than I can remember it feeling.  I went for a massage, and noticed that I didn't have all the trigger points and tender spots that I usually do.  I look forward to my weekly adjustments to continue helping my body improve.  If you are truly looking to heal and live a better life, this is the place for you.  Besides, Dr. Brianna is seriously the best!  She always keeps you laughing and smiling.  

-Michael M

Dr. Brianna is amazing! She truly understands what it means to heal the body, from the inside out. I have seen changes, physically, mentally and emotionally since being under her care. If you’re looking for a change, she’s the one you need to visit!

- Vincent S


Dr. Brianna was the second chiropractor that I visited with severe lower back pain and her breadth of knowledge and supreme patient care were evident from the second I walked in the door. There is no snapping or cracking with Doc, rather a gentle focus on restoring optimal nerve flow to the whole body and letting the body heal itself. I have been a patient at Breezy Chiropractic for 6+ months now and Doc has not only helped relieve my back pain, she has also helped me improve my overall health by leaps and bounds. Doc is easy to talk to and even offers a membership option to patients so I never have to worry about insurance or immediate payment. Highly, highly recommend for those seeking chiropractic care in the Long Island area.

- Matt S.