Why chiropractic during pregnancy? Chiropractic restores and optimizes the body to a place of balance and ease. In addition to specific chiropractic care, we focus on balancing the pelvis using the Webster Technique.

Chiropractic has been shown to help moms with an easier birth, decrease discomfort, and improve overall health and body performance.

What to expect: Prenatal care in our office is designed for the individual, we specialize in detecting and re-balancing the spine and nervous system. We do this through a specific-scientific adjustment that is both gentle and effective!


Why get chiropractic care after giving birth? Moms health is just as important during pregnancy as it is afterwards as well! Self-care doesn't stop now.

Moms continue to produce the hormone relaxin for up to 6 months after birth. This means the ligaments holding the joints together continue to be very relaxed, and consequently the body is shifting around a lot more. 

It's beneficial to get chiropractic checks during this time to optimize spinal and pelvic balance. Not only is this a great time to maintain overall health, it's important to give back to yourself and optimize your healing and function too! 


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