Chiropractic for Kids

At Breezy Chiropractic, Dr. Brianna is a pediatric chiropractor, focusing on delivering the best specific chiropractic care for you and your entire family.

Did you know that children have an average of 7,000 small traumas by age 14! Growing up requires a lot of coordination, balance, stability, flexibility, and adaptability.

Chiropractic helps babies and kids grow up strong and healthy, it optimizes brain-body function and development, and helps them recover quicker too! 

Why us? At Breezy Chiropractic, Dr. Brianna is an active member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).  She is in the process of completing her 200+ hour certification through the ICPA, preparing her to better serve the kids and babies.  Dr. Brianna stays active in the pediatric chiropractic community through seminars and working with mentors to make sure she is providing the best care possible.



What are the benefits? Kids, babies, and newborns have seen a wide range of positive changes during chiropractic care. In chiropractic we look to address the underlying cause interfering with how the body is communicating and healing. This interference is called a Subluxation.

Our style of chiropractic: We focus on getting to the root cause. We use gentle hands-on adjustments that don't require any forceful thrusts. Our techniques include upper cervical, cranial, and sacral full spine tonal care. This means we are using gentle adjustments to unlock the "stuck" areas in the spine and cranial bones (including TMJ) to help the body heal and unwind. 

Signs that your child is Subluxated include: Sensory processing challenges, respiratory problems, immune system challenges, allergies, asthma, bed wetting, breastfeeding and latching issues, constipation, digestive challenges,  colic, torticollis, ADHD, irritability, and much more. 

When is a good time to get your baby or child checked by a chiropractor? The best time to start taking care of your spine is before health challenges present! We recommend all parents bring their newborn in for post-birth chiropractic check within the first two weeks after birth (unless there were complications during birth, come in as soon as possible). This is to ensure that every child starts life with a clear and connected body and nervous system!